Monday, April 29, 2013


VAGINAL CANCER: This cancer located in the tissue of Vagina .Main place is upper area of the vagina . It is so rare cancer .

RISK FACTOR :A drug called diethylstibestrol, Organ transplant, HIV infection,smoking,womb cancer treatment,cancer of the cervix,changing in the vagina cell,papilloma virus infection,age.
SYMPTOM: Painful Urination, Constipation,Unusual vaginal bleeding,watery vaginal discharge,A lump in the vagina,bleeding after sexual intercourse .
DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:Biopsy,Colposcopy, chest X-rey ,CT scan,
PREVENTIVE DIET:Spinach,Onions,Lima beans,Lettuce,Apple,Asparagus,black beans,Broccoli,Brussels sprouts,Cabbage,Cranberries,Garlic,Soy,Avocados,Chickpeas,Fortified cereals and breads,Lentils,Orange juice,Romaine lettuce ,Strawberries,Carotenoids,Vitamin A,C,E AND fOLIC ACID
DIET CONTROL:Raw eggs and raw meats,Smoking ,Alcohol

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